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New Construction Plumbing

We can take care of your plumbing on any type of plumbing project. We are licensed master, commercial, and residential journeyman plumbers. We have worked on all types of new construction projects, ranging from homes, 20 unit apartment complexes, restaurants, and even office buildings.

Most new construction projects have 3 phases:

  1. Underground Plumbing. This includes that sanitary drainage system that is installed below the concrete slab. The underground plumbing is installed after the footings and foundation walls have been poured and before the concrete floor is poured.
  2. Rough-in Plumbing. The rough-in plumbing is installed after the house is completely framed. At this time the electrical system and the heating and air conditioning systems are also installed. This phase is when we install all of the drains and water pipes within the walls.
  3. Finish Plumbing. This is when all of the faucets, toilets, and tub trims are installed.

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